Faith Academy Science Fair Winners

Faith Academy Science Fair Winners ...

Can energy drinks be used to remove rust? What is the best color to write important information in for memorization? Are some Oreos really “double-stuffed” or is that a marketing ploy? Answers to these questions and many more were found at the Faith Academy science fair was held on March 5 showcasing 20 projects. The winners were, from left, Ella Ham, first place with her project on the link between sensitivity and a person’s dominant hand; Lilly Kuespert, second place, with the retention of water in various soil types; and Grant Walling, 3rd place, on fin design for rocketry. Science teacher Beth Elberson stated how proud she was of all the students’ accomplishments and growth throughout this project. Their hard work is exciting to see and inspiring to all the other students that they were able to share with throughout the fair.


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